International Collaboration on Complementary Therapy Resources



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Rights and responsibilities

  • Associate member organisations may be invited to send a representative to the annual meeting of the ICCR but will be responsible for funding the cost of attendance (travel, accommodation etc)
  • A representative of an associate member organisation may be invited to join a teleconference(s) as appropriate
  • No right to vote at annual meeting and teleconferences unless invited to vote on a specific issue
  • Restricted access to ICCR googlesite intranet. If accepted, a welcome letter will be sent with a password to access the iccrinfo site
  • May use ICCR logo at own website to show ICCR associate membership
  • Required to answer to all ICCR correspondence promptly and reply within deadline
  • Any change to an organisation that relates to any of the membership criteria must be notified to the ICCR immediately (via the current ICCR contact person)
  • A review of membership will be conducted annually