International Collaboration on Complementary Therapy Resources



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How to apply?


At the time of applying to become an Associate Member of ICCR, the organisation must submit:

  • A copy of their mission statement, aims and objectives, future strategy or vision, a brief outline of the governance of the organisation (steering group, management board etc).
  • A brief statement supporting their application for membership (maximum 500 words):
What do they expect to gain from their membership?
What would be their contribution to ICCR?
  • A statement on their funding body and any other sponsorship

Application process

The application is submitted via the ICCR contact on the website and circulated to the Full Members of the ICCR (National CAM services).

Unless any objections are raised (within a defined timescale, normally 2 weeks), the organisation is accepted as an associate member.

Once a decision has been made, the ICCR contact person will communicate this to the organisation by email. If accepted, a welcome letter will be sent with a password to access the iccrinfo site. A record will be kept of all applications and decisions made.

Contact information

Please use our contact information if you have any questions about ICCR